Top Five Places To Eat in Hammond, La

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Hammond is the largest city in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. It is the home of Southeastern Louisiana University. It is located 45 miles east of Louisiana’s capital Baton Rouge and 45 miles Southwest of New Orleans. Now I know you are wondering, what’s in Hammond worth eating? Well I’ll exclusively give you a look into my top places to eat in Hammond!

5. Cate Street Seafood Station

Cate Street is one of Hammond’s top hometown restaurants. They have amazing decor in the inside of their establishment. They are located in the downtown area of Hammond which is good scenery. The type of foods range on to Cajun styles dishes, steak & sushi plus sake and craft beers. My favorite thing to get is there is the Boston Roll. It comes with crawfish, shrimp tempura, snow crab, asparagus and avocado, wrapped in seaweed and soy paper, topped with crunchy, eel sauce and chef sauce with sriracha on the side. So delicious!

Picture of Cate Street Station
The Boston Roll

4. Mariner’s Inn

Mariner’s Inn is another restaurant that is in the center Hammond and is really known by locals. This restaurant is more on the bar side but all is welcome. They have foods like tender steaks and juicy burgers, fluffy stuffed potatoes, super thick pork chops, delicious grilled tuna, as well as signature dressings, appetizers, and soups. Also they have stocked bar with fine beers, liquors, mixed drinks, and patrons .My favorite dish is their buffalo tenders with dressed cheese fries, its an A+ meal. Finally, if your a person that love live music they even have live music events that are every Tuesday through Sunday.

The outside of Mariners. Picture if from Mariner’s Inn (Bar) — Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana (
Their Spinach dip

3. Nagoya

This is another restaurant in downtown. Nagoya is Japanese Sushi Steakhouse. For my people out there, who love a good hibachi/sushi place this is where it's at in Hammond. They have the signature sushi called Pink Lady. It is fried with crawfish and snow crab. The shrimp rice is also so delicious!

The Pink Lady Sushi

2. Taco’s and Beer

This is funny because this another downtown restaurant. Some of the bests are in downtown Hammond, let's just say that. Taco’s and Beer is one of those iconic restaurants in Hammond because you know your going to get a good taco. They sell other thing like wings, quesadilla, soups, salads, and burgers. My favorite thing to get is four street tacos. You get to choose different meats that you want. I get two steaks, ground beef, and a shrimp taco; with a side of queso. Let’s not forget they have many drinks too. I always a classic margarita, the flavor depends on how I feel. The restaurant also has a really good aesthetic; with beautiful art all around. Love them!

Taco’s and Beer. Picture from The Lion’s Roar
4 street tacos and one their signature drinks
  1. Yama

We have finally made to the top one! Yama has hibachi, juicy seafood and fried foods. I love their seafood because it so good and at good price. When I go there, I get D10 which comes with shrimp, snow crabs, a lobster, sausage, eggs, and corn. Guess what, all of that just forty dollars. I love to see it. Not forget you have to get the all mixed sauce, but choose the level spice you want. This restaurant is top tier.

The outside of Yama
Picture from Yama Hibachi bowl & Juicy Seafood — Waitr Food Delivery in Hammond , LA (

I hope you guys try one of the five maybe even all!