Christmas Traditions

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3 min readDec 3, 2020


Christmas is around the corner, and everyone knows it’s one of the most joyful holidays of the season. When talking about Christmas, every family has their own tradition.

Decorative image of Christmas. Photo by: The unexpected origins of popular Christmas traditions — CBS News

Whether it’s food, decorating, or even the theme. Many people have different traditions, and some of them would like to spread their traditions to others.

Sylvia Harris is a New Orleans Native who has seven kids and 25 grandkids. She wanted to share her family traditions.

Sylvia being in the holiday spirit.

“During Christmas time we always, the day before Christmas, wear matching pajamas in any theme. We love to cook gumbo during the time and make different treats. Like my granddaughter always makes hot chocolate bombs and chocolate covered strawberries. We also do karaoke . Then on Christmas day we all sit around as a big family, eating and listening to music,” Harris said.

Sylvia’s Granddaughter’s hot chocolate bombs.
One of Sylvia’s family members enjoying karaoke in their matching pajamas.

Everyone has their own tradition on Christmas and some enjoy this with their life long friends. Alexis Washington is someone who does a friends-Christmas like a friends giving. She tells us what a friends-Christmas is all about.

“Well I know your like why not be with your family during this time but i be with them during Christmas Eve. Christmas is with my friends since I have an apartment close to my college. We all decorate the apartment, watch movies, secret Santa's, and just enjoy ourselves. We all just love Christmas and the spirit it gives us. Christmas is a holiday that just gives you hope and makes you smile, that’s why so many people love it so much,” Washington states.

Alexis friend decorated her apartment for friends Christmas.

This time of year always brings people together and puts smiles on faces. The green, red, blue and gold ornaments just brighten up houses and streets. Christmas trees that smell like pine but fun to decorate. Another person named Ariel Skinner tells us what her family does and what has them laughing through the day.

“Me and my family play a lot of games on Christmas and we even compete. What we do is have a gingerbread house contest and the person who wins gets a gift. We put together scavenger hunts to find things around the house or even the city. We’re really not a stay at home family, we do adventurous things. Then at the end of the night we all chill out, talk and listen to music,” Skinner commented.

People making ginger beard houses. Photo by: Sugar and spice and everything nice: Gingerbread houses are a fun holiday activity the whole family can enjoy | Fun and Entertainment |

Christmas all over the world is a special and magical holiday loved by many. All the children are looking for Santa gifts and the adults are just watching their family’s growth in love. Not everyone has it like others but Christmas helps you learn the little things is what matters.