Christmas is around the corner, and everyone knows it’s one of the most joyful holidays of the season. When talking about Christmas, every family has their own tradition.

Decorative image of Christmas. Photo by: The unexpected origins of popular Christmas traditions — CBS News

Whether it’s food, decorating, or even the theme. Many people have different traditions, and some of them would like to spread their traditions to others.

Sylvia Harris is a New Orleans Native who has seven kids and 25 grandkids. She wanted to share her family traditions.

Sleeping is one of the best things in the world for humans. Just waking up from a nap or from an eight hour sleep makes you more energetic because you rested your mind and body. In college it’s a little different when it comes to sleep; most college students don’t get the satisfaction of getting enough sleep.

A image of some showing someone sleeping. Photo by :Snoring: Articles, Insights & Resources | Sleep Cycle

According to University Health Center, “On average, most college students get 6–6.9 hours of sleep per night, and the college years are notoriously sleep-deprived due to an overload of activities. …

New Orleans is known for its tremendous amount of hurricanes when it comes to natural disasters. The biggest being Hurricane Katrina at a category three. On Wednesday, Oct. 28 things went left for New Orleans natives. The most recent was Hurricane Zeta at category two. Some of you are like a category two isn’t nothing to worry about but this storm came guns blazing.

Parts of someone’s roof in New Orleans after Zeta struck .

According to an article on cbsnews, “Hurricane Zeta made landfall near Cocodrie, Louisiana, on Wednesday afternoon as a Category 2 storm, lashing the coast with 110 mph winds, according to officials. …

In this generation with the different media platforms we have now, we don’t really realize the role that the media plays in our every day’s lives whereas it helps us focus on the importance of what is really going on in the world today.

Despite the fact that the legal system has positioned people’s minds to believing the media is an outlet to get caught doing illegal things.

If the media wasn’t what it is today , everyone in the world wouldn’t be able to keep up with what’s happening. The current news, trends, tips and etc. …

Even though the economy is suffering from the effects of COVID-19, some college students are spending more money on unnecessary things, but they feel the government is not supplying them with enough.

Today Covid has affected a lot of things around the world. One of those things is money being short in the economy.

The effect in the United States is yet to be fully known. “The volatile conditions create an opportunity to protect against downside risk and increase income. …

The beginning of Covid-19 struck Southeastern Louisiana University in March 2020, affecting all students, but some more than others. At Southeastern, there are many international student athletes.

The international student athletes all are from different countries such as: the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and The Bahamas. These students already face different challenges once they land on campus. They deal with traveling, language adjustments, new people and now Covid-19. This current pandemic has changed a lot for these students.

Since these are student athletes, they mainly came down here to accomplish one thing , which is their sport and finishing college. …

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